1. J

    Delete Range based on Cell Value and Shift Up

    Hello, I know this has been asked before, but I can't get any of the examples to work for my data. I have data in columns A:D. I need to check column D and if cell is 0 (a result of a formula) then delete A:D of that row and shift up. Then go to next. I only want to delete columns A to D...
  2. W

    VBA to change multiple shapes color in Excel

    I'm beginner in Excel so i'm looking for a way by which if I type yes in a cell it should change color of multiple shapes with same color and if I type NO it should remove the color from those shapes and same goes for other zone entries as show below image. Example: If i type On in G22&25 it...
  3. S

    VBA: Insert row + keep formulas

    Hi all, I already read some threads in this big forum but didn't find what I am looking for. I hope it is ok to ask for some help on this: I have a table and a button to click in A1. If I click this button, a new row shall be inserted below the current active cell including only the above used...
  4. G

    Paste value once

    I have this VBA, however, when I run it, it repeats until I get a runtime error. I am trying to get it to where it pastes the cell's value if it reaches over a text limit. The limit would be 20. This cell(A2) has a card scanned and pastes the values of the card in the cell, instead of clicking a...
  5. A

    VBA - Set Object within If Statement

    So, I created a series of formula on a sheet called Extractor in a workbook called "Processor*". The filename of the workbook "Processor*" will usually vary, having other characters to the right of it. My intention is to copy the range covering all formula I created in a sheet named "Extractor"...
  6. I

    How to extract a single span value from a URL behind an iframe Element?

    I am trying to pull a single value from a work website that refreshes every 5 minutes into an Excel cell. This is the final step in automating an entire workbook filled with a bunch of formulas I created. I am using HTTP Get Request to do this. However, I am having problems pulling the actual...
  7. T

    VBA to assign linked cell

    Please help if you can. The code below is to insert a new line at a row referenced from "uc" then copy the checkbox from a previous row and assigning the correct linked cell for the checkbox. It works upto the line where the linked cell is assigned (row inserted and checkbox created) , the...
  8. W

    ClearContent not working

    I have the following code. It doesn't work. Says, "1004 Error", when implemented. Don't know what have done wrong. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Unload Me ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Set Exams-Answers").Range("F21, H23:H26, F31, H33:H36, F41, H43:H46, F51, H53:H56, F61, H63:H66, F71, H73:H76...
  9. B

    Copy and Paste between Workbooks

    Hi Everyone, Please help. I'm wanting to open a closed workbook with a macro, then make the variable, then set the variable, then copy from a separate (already open) workbook and paste into the new set workbook. How do I do this correctly? I keep getting this error. My current vba is the...
  10. N

    Setting a userform combo value from a worksheet cell value

    Hi my first post so sorry, I have a userform with a few combo boxes on it three of them I can update the values but one will not update. Its the only one that triggers some code but I am happy to run the code after. Me.TextBox1.Value = Range("E14").Value ' works fine'...
  11. R

    My pivot table refuses to refresh unless I do it manually

    My pivot table isn't refreshing when I tell it to. Worksheet 1 This sheet has a connection to a SharePoint list. Worksheet 2 This sheet has a table that is similar to Worksheet 1, but has additional columns for calculations. This table is then used as my source for the pivot table, which is...
  12. s_macloskey

    Add +1 to a cell value (plus complications!)

    Good morning all, I have another VBA/AcitveX/Button query that I hope someone can help me to solve! Also please forgive me as I don't 100% know the QUESTION I am asking, I just know the result I am after. (I have also have to redact some of the information becuase of where I work.) Context...
  13. randaubienghoc

    Send bulk email from Excel issues: 1-Attach multiple files with file paths, 2-Copy visible ranges and 3-Add default email signature keeping formats

    Hi everyone, As a new VBA learner, I am seeking for your help to solve these three problems when automatically send Outlook email from Excel. The code is now lacking these improvements. Your support would be highly appreciated. 1. Attach multiple files with file paths by criteria (For same...
  14. B

    VLOOKUP returns nothing / Macro gives me an error message

    Hi I presently have vlookup formulas in numerous cells that are linked to a value entered in cell F18 and a macro is linked to a value in cell H31 I need a macro that will generate a message box if the number entered in cell F18 is not found during the vlookup on Sheet2 which in turn will not...
  15. E

    Find last row of data in column A on a specific sheet, and after that copy data down to that row on another sheet.

    I am almost there I think. But this seems to search for data in all columns on the first sheet. I only want to check column A on Sheet 1. Sub FindLastRow() Dim LastRow As Long With Sheets("Sheet 1") If WorksheetFunction.CountA(.Cells) > 0 Then 'Search for any entry, by searching backwards...
  16. A

    VBA - Max Values and Match

    Hi all, I am stuck on a problem. I have need to insert a vba macro into a sheet for my admin team. I want to find the highest value from a range in one sheet and return the value to another sheet if the adjacent column matches. I also want it to return it to the next blank cell in that row...
  17. F

    Repeating macro without overwriting

    Hi Guys, i have a macro that inputs data from one sheet to another and have been trying to get it to repeat based on a cell value everything. as i want this to create multiple lines every time it loops it just overwrites the first line was input. Dim lRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet...
  18. montecarlo2012

    vba convert the formula combin into code

    Hi. Combin(i$5,6)-IF(I$5-5B6>0,COMBIN(I$5-B6,6),0)-IF(I$5-4-C6>0,COMBIN(I$5-C6,5),0)-IF(I$5-3-d6>0,COMBIN(I$5-D6,4) I would like to use a code for this formula, rather than scroll down or up all the time. Any help for this Please.
  19. B

    Excel crashing when running .Delete

    I'm on Microsoft 365 for business with Excel version 2006 (Build 13001.20266) Excel is crashing when I run code with .Delete. Any idea how to get around this? I have some code that deletes sheets not listed in an array. This Example 1 code has worked fine in the past but started crashing excel...
  20. D

    Wokbooks.Open() is closing Book1

    Hi all, I am very much a novice VBA programmer, and I am having a hard time figuring out why Excel is doing what it is doing. I have some code that is part of a user form. When the form opens, I open another Excel file that has the default settings for the form stored in it. After grabbing the...

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