1. T

    Refactor VBA for scrolling to the next colored cell (with different color than selected)

    Hi guys. I've found online a VBA made by p45cal which scrolls the view to the next colored cell in a selected column and it's working fine, but I would like to make some tweaks to it. Right now it is scrolling to the next colored cell as it should, but I would like to modify it to make it...
  2. S

    Is it possible to turn an excel workbook into a "webpage" That people can use (e.g use the slicers)

    Hi All! I have a formulated (with data coming "from workbooks") to produce reports, excel dash. I would like to turn this report into a webpage I can share with others, Saving it as a Html doesn't work, Its ugly, it uncovers all my tables and hidden cells, I cant use the slicers etc, Or if...
  3. P

    Auto-Scrolling from Hyperlink in Multiple Sheets

    This is a followup question of a previous query I posted. In that thread, I was looking for a way to have Excel automatically scroll so that the hyperlink's target cell would appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Fluff was kind enough to provide the following solution (thanks again!)...
  4. P

    Auto-Adjusting View for Multiple Hyperlinks

    I have a single worksheet with lots of data in multiple tables. I'm looking for a way to let other users navigate to the specific data table they need. To resolve this, I created a series of hyperlinks leading to each table. This works fine, but the cell each hyperlink leads to would always be...
  5. B

    Calculating Variances (Value and Percent) in Pivot (not using power pivot) - is it possible?

    I have financial data that I need to show variances against a number of dimensions. I need this in pivot so that I can use filters to create automatic views for different audiences (e.g. Divisions and Heads of Areas). In the pivot there are roll ups, so example income as a level with sub level...
  6. D

    Position the "hyperlinked cell" in the middle for easy view

    Dear Professionals, I have a formula here that can target the wanted cell in the desired sheet, but it doesnt lock on the position for better view in the middle of window. Please help. =HYPERLINK("#"&CELL("address",INDEX(Pivot!BL:BL,MATCH(MID(B358,1,6),Pivot!BL:BL,0))),MID(B358,1,6)) From...
  7. T

    disable design view in Access

    I am trying to disable the design view so user cannot make any changes. Greatly appreciate if you can help or what other option I can do to protect my database from being modified. Thank you!
  8. gheyman

    Access: Design view problem - only showing SQL

    I am trying to see my query in Design View, but its only coming up in SQL (I am clicking Design View not SQL View). I'm not that good at SQL so I need to see it in Design view. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  9. M

    Can you save a sort in a Custom View?

    Okay, I've sorted my sheet the want want to view something, and have saved it as a Custom View. When I remove all of the filters, and test the view by selecting it, everything works except for the sort. I'd like for it to sort from smallest (number) to biggest. Is this possible?
  10. N

    Password Protecting Worksheet from Viewing or Alternatives

    Is it possible to have multiple people share the same workbook with different permissions? Let's say everyone has access to the workbook file, but they have to have a passcode to view a certain tab? OR If you create the spreadsheet tabs to be very hidden, is it possible that the person who...
  11. B

    Can I Freeze a Slicer

    I have a date slicer connected to a pivot table with over 3000 rows so I was wondering if it was possible to freeze it like I can with an excel row? I have the top row of my sheet frozen so I can see the column headers while I scroll but my slicer moves out of view when I scroll. I thought it...
  12. Z

    cell format

    hello, i would like to know if i can preserve excel cell format when using any lookup formula, i have a chart and want to view sales by quantity/value or percentage based on slicer selection. the method that i’m using currently allows me to view any of the above with 1 type of format not based...
  13. ACommandLineKindaGuy

    How to disable Page View buttons (Normal, Page Layout, Page Break View) next to Zoom on status bar

    Amazing how impossible it is to phrase this search on Google... I'm not interested in manipulating or viewing page breaks. All I want is to be in normal view. I am not interested in workarounds similar to attaching If ActiveWindow.View <> xlNormalView Then ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView to...
  14. gheyman

    Access Fields disapear in Query

    My fields disappeared in my query after I unchecked the Show box. I don't mean they don't show data view, I mean when I go back to the design view they are all gone. What happened?
  15. E

    Using VBA to lookup a value and write back to that row in a different sheet

    Forgive me here guys. I'm completely self taught but have zero knowledge of visual basic and have come up against a problem that I believe can only be solved by visual basic I have a worksheet of customer information called "data" I then have another worksheet called "Agent View" The agent...
  16. C

    Using Calculate Field in Same Query

    Hello, I have a very limited knowledge of Access and am struggling through and enjoying creating my first database. When in query design view, I created a field by entering the following formula into the field region: Lab$: [LabHours]*([CrewRate]+[OHRate]) So when I switch to datasheet view...
  17. E

    Browser Page Refresh: Reflect new data after scheduled refresh

    Hi, Does any one knows if there is a way to refresh the Chrome view of a power bi report in the service after the schedule refresh? (without using Chrome add ins) [ i have a report that is presented constantly on a tv and refreshes once a hour or so, the view does not update after the...
  18. kweaver

    Error opening file after sorting, saving, and closing

    I have an Excel workbook with a tab named "Master". I have a sorting button that calls this routine: Sub SortByEmpNo() Sheets("Master").Activate With ActiveSheet.Sort .SortFields.Add Key:=Range("A10"), Order:=xlAscending .SetRange Range("A10:G1013") .Header = xlYes .Apply End With End...
  19. S

    userform list view with multiple filters

    Hi all, I hope that what I’m about to ask doesn’t seem too difficult to picture, but I’ll try to put it out as plainly as I can for you to see what I’m getting at. I run a Stock Control workbook containing a very large dataset spread over about 20+ worksheets – let’s call it “Stock KPIs –...
  20. R

    Hide Columns and Filter in a custom way

    Hello: I have many columns from left to right in my spreadsheet. I find myself always hiding columns to view data then un-hiding columns to view other data. Is there a way I can set up a macro or a saved quick or option so I can set up different views? In other words can I for example view #1...

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