1. S

    [Forms]![Form1]! criteria .. performance crawls

    hello. i've been using a vb script that uses an access table, queries a cloudera linked table and returns the results. ie.. access table could have some member ids, loops thru the table, one record at a time, returns the result, exports to excel and off to the next record, etc.. now the source...
  2. E

    Keep a currently Filtered Visual while Filtering another Visual

    Hi all, I wonder what I am doing wrong or maybe I have missed something. When I filter on the 164 Due more than 3 Weeks the Within Timescale visual updates (brilliant). If I then select the 1 False the Visual updates as well the the one to the left (image below). This then has a knock on...
  3. Jyggalag

    Making a frontpage in Power BI?

    Dear all, I am completely, absolutely 100% new at Power BI. This is my first official day, so please bear with me :) I currently have the following Dashboard: Now, if I insert an image I can get it it to fill all of the screen except for below the dotted line (my red arrow is pointing at...
  4. V

    How to automatically change the visual value after changing number format?

    I wrote a macro to change format of cell by adding pre-fix "19V". The format change under the hood but the value I see only change after I go to the cell and press Enter. How to automatically change the visual value as well? Selection.NumberFormat = """19V""@" Eg: 12345 => 19V12345 (visual...
  5. B

    Matrix visual and compare values

    Hello all, I have the below in a Matrix visual. I'd like to add another column in the visual that would compare the "Score" to the %ile columns to give me the correct value. For example, Team A's score is 0.75. This is more than 0.65 but less than 0.76 so it should be in the 25th %ile. Team B...
  6. E

    Lost Macros

    Hi There, I'm a bit confused. I appear to have lost my macros. I have written multiple codes and have created icons at the top of my excel window. These all appear to work fine but when I open up visual basic I cant see them anymore. What have I done? and how do I correct it? Any help is much...
  7. S

    Page Navigation

    Veyr very new to BI and need to learn quickly... I am using the visual: 'card' (So it is populated with a specific number D6) and I would like to click on this visual and to be sent to a different page (Also titled D6) with in the report. Is this possible? Essentially I have 4 different...
  8. G

    VBA Help System

    Hi, I have clicked on the SaveAs method word in some code in the Visual Basic Editor and would like to see all of the associated File Format types. After pressing F1 I expected to get context sensitive help but instead a new web browser for Visual Studio 2012 opened which doesn't seem to be...
  9. K

    Map visual - filter min amount of contacts

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create map visual in Power BI. My data consists of a list of contacts, their nationlity, and a measure for an average amount. I can create a map visual with a color scale according to the average amount, but I would like to exclude natonalities for which less than...
  10. R

    Conditionally show points on a scatter chart

    Hi All. I have a table of data which I want to represent in a scatter chart. However, I would like to be able to set a flag against each row in the table to specify whether or not the point should actually appear on the chart or not. This way I can decide which are the pertinent data points to...
  11. S

    Compare data and extract Software name, year and version

    Hi Experts, I was not able to find a thread similar, so starting this thread. I am a novice in excel and I am trying to compare the softwares of an application with the master data list. My questions are as below. 1. I have to compare 2 strings in this scenerio (e.g COL A - microsoft visual...
  12. T

    what does Error X400 mean?

    Hi Everyone, Not had this before but everytime i insert a formula into a sheet I get an error pop up say Microsoft visual basic for aplications X 400 any ideas whats cousing it? Thanks Tony
  13. S

    Help please :( Zoom all Worksheets defined by cell value

    Hi there, I'm losing my mind with this can someone please save me? I think I need to determine a cell but not sure how? I am looking for all worksheets to zoom to the value I enter into Cell G138? Doesn't work? Any help very much appreciated! Sub Zoom() 'UpdatebyExtendoffice20171215 Dim...
  14. J

    Argument not optional in "Cell Menu" - OK in Ribbon

    Hello - I am at a loss. I have an Add-In I created some time ago and recently used Andy Pope's RibbonX Visual Designer in order to add it to my Ribbon. By the way, AJP's RibbonX Visual Designer is AWESOME!! Anyway, I decided to add a couple of the Add-In commands to the cell menu. Now, when I...
  15. C

    Searching with Excel

    I have an audit coming up and I need to be able to find information quickly to satisfy the auditor At A1 I have the thing I need information on this is my search box : A1= Risk assessment ( I want to know which clause this is under ( the clause # ) and what the clause says) B1: B52 = a...
  16. R

    Lock and Unlock cells based on condition

    Hi all, I want to give the user options which are conditional on another cell. For example, in cell B4 is a dropdown of numbers: If number is less than 12 than cell I4 will be grayed out, & be locked. And if number is greater than 12 than cell I4 will be unlocked I guess I have to do...
  17. T

    Formula Request (if possible) - VLookup or Index/Match using a criteria and ignoring blanks

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 Joe Bloggs 1.2 2 Your Manager Job Level Team Morale My Morale Development 3 Joe Bloggs 1.2 This comment is for Option 1 Just for visual Just for visual 4 Betty Sue 1.2 This comment is a dummy Just for visual 5 Joe Bloggs 1.2 Just...
  18. L

    run macro by pressing f5 is not working

    Hi I am trying to run macro as per the instruction below. It did not work. I opened the module and click inside and then press f5 but did not work. but if I go to menu run-->run, it will work, also if i click on run icon > , it will work. What could be the issue? thank you ++++ Run a macro...
  19. T

    Visual needs to show months by year month not Jan thru Dec

    I am pretty new to PowerBi and am having some difficulty understanding how to make my chart show a run as a running year and not Jan thru Dec. The month I am reporting on starts with the previous month and I need my chart to show May thru April and not January thru December. Some of my months...
  20. H

    convert VBA to or VB6

    I have a simple module that calls a form to allow the user to select a row that sets a header filter and colors. I am trying to figure out how to convert this to or vb6 so it can be compiled. All the documentation I found is from 2005 visual studio and it doesn't work in visual studio...

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