1. C

    Excel 2016 32bit VBA Pulling info from Website to Sheet

    Sub ExtractNameFromWeb() Dim htmlDoc As New HTMLDocument Dim htmlElements As IHTMLElementCollection Dim htmlElement As IHTMLElement Dim url As String Dim xmlhttp As Object Set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP") 'Loop through all rows in column F and...
  2. V

    Excel vba to access Open/Save dialog

    Hello everyone, I am trying to download a document from a website using vba. So far I can click the print icon on website (using vba) but I am stuck when it shows Open/Save dialog box. Please help on how I can access or click the "Save" button and save file to a given location. Any help is...
  3. T

    Excel VBA - Open series of links in cells then search website content and return a value into an offset cell if phrase found

    0 I'm looking to carry out a task in VBA of searching a number of websites for a specified phrase. I've got a spreadsheet with a dynamic data which changes accordingly creating a link in column F. I am looking for a macro to open each individual link, search website content for a specifif phrase...
  4. T

    Copy paste website source code

    I copy website source code and paste it to excel just ctrl-c, ctrl-v. It paste fine and there aren't any website rendering, just plain text as source code is. There are about 800 rows. But pasting is slow. It takes about 5 seconds to paste. I have no macros running and tried also calculation in...
  5. R

    VBA Code for Website Login

    Dear All, I am trying to create login ID password automation on our local website in excel VBA. but not able to get the element ID for username and password. can any one help me in this, I have attached the source code of the login page.
  6. D

    Tick a checkbox online from Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a website with different different checkboxes, all with their own ID. I also have a list in Excel, each with their corresponding ID of the checkbox that is currently online. Example: Text 1 | Checkbox ID 1 Text 2 | Checkbox ID 2 Text 3 | Checkbox ID 3 What I would like (if someone...
  7. K

    Possible to pull data from a website to show count of unread faxes?

    Hello, I am looking to see if it is possible to pull data into google sheets (or excel) directly from a website to show a live count of how many unread items there are. This is for a business where we receive faxes through a system called SRFax. My best guess for something like this would be...
  8. J

    Clicking a button on a website

    Hi, I'm trying to write a macro to open a website and carry out a search for the location within a Cell in my workbook. The website is the British Geological Survey. Geology of Britain viewer | British Geological Survey (BGS) Typical when I open the website I have to click the button near...
  9. H

    Download data from website that requires login id and password

    I want to do a macro (hopefully record macro) and need to extract data from a website that requires a password. However, my colleagues have their own login ID and password, and i do not want to share my login ID and password with them. What should I do such that i can retrieve data from the...
  10. G

    Pull Multiple values from a website

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to look up multiple values against a website and return the value from the website in the next cell. So if I have got data in B1:B30, I want excel to go to a website look at the data in column B and return the result in Column C. The code below works perfect when...
  11. G

    Check Data against a website

    Good Afternoon, I quite new to excel VBA so sorry if I've not posted correctly. I was wondering if there I away to run a Macro that will check a MOT date and return the date the MOT is due. I.e if I have got a registration number in cell A1 and another registration in A2 and so on, I won't...
  12. M

    Website Scrapping in excel

    I need query to scrape following website link data into excel spread sheet There are 18,839 properties results appearing on above link. Fields I am looking to be exported into excel are price, location, telephone, square meters and the link of that property. 1st case...
  13. P

    Scrape details from generated webpage

    Hi We're looking at a basic licensing tool - it's going to be straight forward where someone inputs a licence code (generated from website) which auto populates a single line confirmation. I'm trying to see how I'd add this single line into a excel cell somehow, and then work with the string...
  14. G

    Deconding nested ASPX website data into Excel (plus a little javascript)

    I'm trying to pull some data from KY education websites (publicly available, starting at I've done programs before parsing website data, but at an HTML level; ASPX is a new beast for me, and so I'm in learning mode. What I'm wanting to...
  15. szita2000

    VBA - Any way to cycle between excel window and browser window?

    Hi guys. I need to display one of my excel file on a big screen, but also need to show some data from our internal website. (In the website format, so no. Data connection is not an option) I tried messing with the Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application"), but I could only find method...
  16. B

    VBA Open Website and Click Buttons

    Trying to open a website that has a table, navigate to the download button(s) and export the table to Excel, using Chrome. I can open the website, but that's as far as I could ever get.
  17. D

    Power Query behind a Password protected website

    I'm trying to get tables from a website which is password protected by username and password. It uses the classical web form with a "post" command to access to all the information so I cannot use Basic authentication. I've look in internet for a solution without success. Can anyone help me?
  18. V

    Trouble with Import functions

    I have a golf spreadsheet I've been using and want to try and take it to the next level. I want to be able to automatically update players handicaps from a website, specifically On that website you can lookup a players handicap by name or by course. However, once you're in this...
  19. R

    Error Message when opening a workbook

    I have been creating a 24 page workbook for simple accounting for a non profit group. I've updated the pages and used the "Save As" option from books volume 1 (initial) to volume 5. Now when I try and open my volume 5 I get a long list of error and it asked me if I want to correct them yes or...
  20. S

    VBA code to save files

    Hi guys Is there a way to link an excel spreadsheet to a website? Each case I work on has different dates. This tells me how many reports I need to download from a company internal website. When I go on the company website, I select the report and use cute pdf to save this file on the hard...

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