worksheet change event

  1. dss28

    Worksheet.change vs. worksheet.calculate event

    I want to add code to some columns in a sheet to define the number format or date format using the following codes ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("E2:E" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).row).NumberFormat = "mm-dd-yyyy" ' date format ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("J2:J" &...
  2. T

    Adding Columns with Worksheet Change event having multiple conditions

    I have a worksheet change event that will add columns to worksheets based on a value. I am trying to get it to add columns to certain sheets based on one value and add a different amount of columns to different worksheets based on a value from a different cell. The code is: Private Sub...
  3. S

    Help with Duplicate Entries

    I am working on a Userform that allows users to sign into projects using their login and password credential. However I'm running into a situation where sometimes my worksheet_change events work and other times they don't and it's allowing for the same username to be entered when creating their...
  4. wsnyder

    Worksheet Change Refresh Connection

    Hi all, Using Excel 2016. I created a connection only in Power Query to table on my worksheet with a single row to be used as a file parameter. The parameter can be 1 of 2 values based on selection by user and that part is working as expected. I added a bit of code to the Worksheet Change...
  5. 4

    Excel VBA loop on Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

    I know very little about VBA but I created a simple If/ElseIf code that is apparently too large because when I make the necessary change on the spreadsheet that runs the code it gives me a "Compile error: Procedure too large" message. Essentially, the user has a drop down list in each cell O31...
  6. R

    is something wrong with small piece of code?

    Hi, i have added the following code to my worksheet_change event and getting the error while running this code on Excel 2007 but working well on Excel 2013. Can any body help to solve the issue as i am trying to calculate the things for both column value change. The error message is as: "No...
  7. M

    VBA: Worksheet Change Event Not Comparing Number & Formula Value

    I have the below code that isn't doing what I'd like and I think I know what the issue is but I can't figure out the solution. Basically there are two cells "ShBal" and "BanBal" with numbers and if they match then the Match subroutine runs. BanBal is manually entered by the user and is constant...
  8. J

    Worksheet change offset BUT ignore if offset value exists

    I have a worksheet change macro that both updates an offset cell value with a date & a selection of cells with corresponding offset dates, however I am trying to update it so that it only inputs date if the offset cell is blank. Here is the code that works: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  9. S

    Capture Multiple Cell change

    I have code that watches three different columns for changes. It works great when only one cell changes at a time. But if I copy and paste multiple cells of data in to the columns at a single time, it doesn't work. I am pretty sure that I know why, but I can't figure out how to change it to...
  10. L

    Called macro doesn't do anything

    Hi. I'm trying to call a macro using a Worksheet_Change Event but everytime I run it nothing happens. The event itself works great and recognized that the macro doesn't exist after I tried deleting it. I've also tried testing my macro using the Immediate Window feature and everything worked as...
  11. Tim_Excel_

    Workbook_SheetChange event loses reference to Workbook

    Hi forum, I have a Workbook_SheetChange event for another workbook (other than the workbook that holds the code). At the end of a lengthy Sub, I call for the Sub that defines the Workbook's name that the event needs to work for: Sub step1() '''''code'''' NameGrabber.DefineWorkbookName End...
  12. S

    Worksheet_Change - Multiple Changes - Code not working ?????

    I have a worksheet with a Worksheet_Change sub in it. I have two sets of code in it. Each set, individually, works as planned (tested). But when together, for some reason only the first set is catching correctly. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)...
  13. E

    Two Worksheet_SelectionChange on one worksheet

    Hi everyone, I have a sheet with two blocks of data. On both blocks, I want to hide a different number of rows, using the following code. The thing is that VBA says I can't have two of the same. Is there a way to have one (or more) macro(s) have multiple Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target...
  14. M

    How the get the column or row number of a changed cell on Worksheet_Change condition?

    Dear Gents, Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Range("B2:B5")) Is Nothing Then Cancel = True ActCol = Activecell.Column 'other macro According to above codes, If the user change the value of B2 to B5 and press "tab" on...
  15. H

    Excel worksheet change or display list of data based on given cell text

    Hello Team, I am planning to build one dashboard using work sheet change but not sure how to work with this option. My objective is to display list of fields based one cell value. For example in A2 cell if you select "Fruit" then below automatically list of fruits should reflect and it should...
  16. P

    Log file where each line gets a date stamp when populated and where date is then stored as value

    I have a simple log file with a couple of columns to log events. One row for each event. Every cell in a row is manually entered and there are no macro's or formula's yet. To prevent mistakes I now want to make a modification in column A... the date column. As soon as one of the other cells in...
  17. C

    Combining Multiple Worksheet_Change Subs VBA

    I've been trying to combine to separate change events in my VBA code. The first allows users to insert hyperlinks into specific columns and the second enables multi-select drop-downs in other cells. The problem is I can't get them to work together. One always over rides the other. I've read...
  18. D

    Changing values of cells to uppercase in a private sub

    Hi all, I have this code here that simply turns the cells to uppercase. [CODE][ Sub Turn_Uppercase() For Each x In Range("C3:H200") x.Value = UCase(x.value) Next End Sub /CODE] Does anyone know how would I adapt this code so that I can run in a sheet tab (Private sub...
  19. D

    Looping a worksheet change event

    Hello all Im ok at writing some simple code in vba but when it comes to looping the code I always screw it up! I have a code that is working and doing what I want it to do, except I have to re write this for 10000 cells! which is extremely time consuming, as you will see I have shown the exact...
  20. S

    Message Box VBA

    I am trying to get a message box to fire automatically based on a cell value. Here is the setup: I have a "configurator" tab (Sheet 2) that has an ActiveX drop down box with a list of names that corresponds to a table of names/job titles on a logic tab (Sheet 3). When you select your name on...

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