1. S


    Hey All, Windows Office 365 (Excel Version 2306) I have taken over maintaining a global macro file that is stored in XLSTART so everyone in the office shares the same macros for every single excel sheet opened. I want to be able to detect when a new xlsx/xlsm file is opened and record the...
  2. B

    XLStart Folder

    Does anyone know if one can have a batch file copy and paste a "Master" file from a shared folder into each individuals Personal XLStart Folders? It gets a little complicated because each individuals paths aren't the same due to each individual having a designated User Number Folder so I am not...
  3. M

    Need to change XLSTART location

    My company has completely locked down the C drive of my new laptop. I cannot copy my macro workbook to XLSTART. Is there any way to change the location of the XLSTART folder?
  4. E

    XLSTART startup folder in Citrix Virtual Desktop

    I constantly change and save my default Excel template in: C:\Users\dmalfoy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART Does anyone have experience changing the default Excel template in a Citrix Virtual Desktop? I put in a ticket to my IT department and their response was clearly that of a deer...
  5. XLfriend777

    personal.xlsb not automatically opening

    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the installation overwrote my old personal.xlsb file erasing all the macros I had stored there. Additionally, when I start Excel now the personal.xlsb file does not open. When I go to the XLSTART folder, the file is there. I open it from the XLSTART...
  6. C

    A new instance of Excel opens Book, Book1, Book2, etc. however with Book.xlsx in XLSTART I get 'locked for editing' (no network sharing)

    I've searched the forum on this issue and can only find instances of this error where network sharing is enabled; in my case there is no network sharing (i.e. the Server service is never started). You will be familiar with the behaviour on opening multiple instances of Excel 2010 where the new...
  7. S

    Book.xltx XLStart template settings not being used in excel

    Hello, Am having an issue in Office 365's Excel 2016 (v1702 (build 7870.2038)) I am attempting to have all new workbook / worksheets to use custom styles defined in Book.xltx and Sheet.xltx respectfully. Steps taken include: Create the styles, save as Book.xltx and Sheet.xltx respectfully...
  8. R

    Excel has stopped reading personal.xlsb at startup

    To my complete surprise, Excel seems to have stopped reading the personal.xlsb at startup, giving me a dreadful " Oh ****" shock when I went to use a macro and found that there were non showing when I clicked on "macros" in the ribbon. I have found that if I manually open...
  9. C

    XLSTART issue (can't hide file)

    I've had a PERSONAL workbook (binary worksheet) on my work computer for about 3 years, used to store macro functions that I can reference in all files and has worked great. I prefer to have the PERSONAL file hidden when Excel opens, however for some reason Excel will no longer open if I try to...
  10. E

    Open macro saved on shared network drive

    Hello all! I have a workbook that users will be downloading/exporting from an external source. Once downloaded, I have two hotkeys that run two macros. I would like the location of the macro to be saved on the shared drive, so when a user hits the hotkeys, excel will still know to look for the...
  11. L

    My Macros are making my cry :-(

    Hi all, My macros are making me cry - it's awful. I accidentally saved some of them to "this worksheet" before I was told here that I need to be saving them to XLSTART. I've been doing that, but nothing is working... I don't know where XLSTART is, to see what's in there... I don't know if I...
  12. CaterinaAnna

    Personal Macro Workbook does not open

    Morning All I have just tried to run a macro from my Personal Macro Workbook only to find it had not opened. A little investigation showed that it is still available in the correct directory, but it only opens if I open Excel as a separate stage: if I directly open an existing workbook, then...
  13. E

    macros problems within excel 2007

    Hi, i'm working in excel 2007 with a workbook that contains macros that is used by an other workbook. This macroed workbook is in the XLstart folder. It is opened at startup of excel in a hidden window. The unhidden workbook is where i call the macros from the hidden workbook in the xlstart...
  14. S

    VBA code/variable? for filename

    Hello, I created a macro what makes in a cell a hyperlink of the filename and the path and copy the link to the clipboard. It works, i made a template of it and put it in XLstart "normal.xlsm". Now if i open excel and i make a new filename and save it on the place i want because of changing...

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