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I am wanting to return all records in an Access table that meet a query criteria.

The query I have built via VBA code is -
SELECT ID, Price, QtyOut, ValueOut, InStock, ValueInStock, Allocated FROM GoodsIn WHERE Item = '9oz Squat Plastic Cup' AND DateIn <# 22/08/2019# AND Allocated = False ORDER BY DateIn ASC, QtyIn ASC

There are 2 records in the table that meet the criteria but the query is only returning 1 record.

I am using the following to open and read the recordset
rsQuery.Open strQuery, cnConnection, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
I have used this code before to return all matching records so I am at a bit of a loss as to why this is n't working.

Any insights provided would be hugely appreciated.



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The query looks okay except I'm not used to seeing boolean False as a value in Access query. Access uses numeric values to store true and false (-1 and 0 respectively). Otherwise, you'd probably have to post your code and some sample data in order to debug and test this.


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Thanks for the input all. I managed to get this to work without fixing anything so not entirely sure why it didn't work initially.

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