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Mar 5, 2015
Hi all,

I know this is very specific... I have set up tracking sheets for each of my 27 members of staff. Each of them has their own folder (which has restricted access to just them), which contains 1 work book per month for the new financial year. Each work book is identical, with a summary worksheet, collating all information populated in separate worksheets relating to the weeks in the month.

I am looking to collate the information into management documents in a separate management folder, so that the sum of each member of staff's workbook is shown in overview form. The management documents will be identical to individual trackers used by staff. What I am looking for is something like -

Member of staff 1's April Workbook, Worksheet 1, CellC4 + Member of staff 2's April Workbook, Worksheet 1, CellC4... ongoing to member of staff 27; across all populated cells and each individual worksheet/book.

I have done a "='\\ member of staff 1 filepath \[Workbook name]Worksheet name'!$C$4+'\\ member of staff 2 filepath \[Workbook name]Worksheet name'!$C$4+..." formula which has worked in the cell I populated, however when I drag the formula to other cells, it does not change the relating cell as normal, so fills all cells with the C4 figures.

Is there a quicker way to populate these without going through and doing individual formulas, as each sheet is 17Cx29R.


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