multiple cells

  1. M

    Find and replace in all sheets, and replace in exact format and properties

    Hi, I got this code from another post. The solution is amazing and really helps me. I would like to know if there is a way so I can 'Find' and 'Replace the exact value' The values I'm replacing with are hyperlinks. So I would like to replace the new values with those hyperlinks and keep them...
  2. G

    Conditional Formatting - Apply format if to both cells if one cell meets condition

    As per the title, I have two cells, B2:C2 that I need to apply Conditional Formatting to. Where B2=A2, both B2 and C2 need to have the same formatting applied. Cells are on different worksheets as below. Worksheet 1 A2=Apples Worksheet 2 B2=Apples C2=0.5 Many thanks.
  3. A

    Combine multiple cells into single expression - common issue?

    The FVSCHEDULE formula requires a single range of cells with the series of interest rates. However, I need to build this series of interest rates through a dynamic formula. Therefore I need a way to combine "[Formula 1]+[Formula 2]+[Formula 3]..." into a single range, or an expression that...
  4. C

    quartile calculation relative to a multiple, non-contiguous cell range

    Goodmorning , I have to calculate the first quartile (25 percentile) and the third quartile (75 percentile) of a multiple, non-contiguous cell range. While calculating the minimum and maximum of the same non contiguous cell range, the min and max functions also work on multiple cell ranges, the...
  5. K

    Conditional Formatting - copy across multiple rows/columns

    Hi there, I am trying to apply conditional formatting across a worksheet, based on this formula; =BC3<BC14 (turns cell green if the value is lower) HOWEVER I have read multiple forums/blogs/posts about this and I can't seem to get the conditioning to apply across further rows/columns. I am...
  6. W

    Create a list from multiple cells with text

    Hi all, I've been searching for an answer to this for some time now and I'm sure there is probably a simple solution. I have a large table in which some cells have text and the rest are blank. On a separate sheet I would like to have a list to include the text from the cells and disregard the...
  7. B

    Sum multiple cells in a range to calculate overtime per week per staff

    I have over 100,00 lines of timesheet entries in Excel and would like to calculate how much overtime per week our team has done and to check the seasonality of the overtime. This is so I can try to make a business case to hire more staff. Below is an example of our data. Most days have more...
  8. L

    Display Dates Absent

    Sheet 1: P=Presnt A=Absent <tbody> ID 1-Jan-17 2-Jan-17 3-Jan-17 4-Jan-17 5-Jan-17 6-Jan-17 7-Jan-17 8-Jan-17 9-Jan-17 10-Jan-17 001 P P A P A A A P P A 002 A P P P P A A P P P 003 A A A A A P P P P P 004 A P P P P P P P P P </tbody> Sheet 2: <tbody> 001 1-Jan-17 6-Jan-17...
  9. S

    How to reference a cell to get multiple data in a named range

    Hi, I've been trying to find anything related to my question but all I get is multiple results that match the same reference. Ex. If a have <tbody> Name Color John Green Dave Red Matt Red </tbody> I would look for red and I would get "Dave" and "Matt". What I am looking for is: If...
  10. C

    Cell Range From many to 1

    I have been working on a code that i just cant get right. I am sure the correct macro is here somewhwere, i just cant find it. I am working with 1400+ sheets in 1 workbook. I need to be able to cope a cell range from each sheet to one master sheet. and i need to be able to do it 3 times. or...
  11. S

    Using a ComboBox for Multiple Cells

    Hi everyone! Please let me know if my question makes sense or not. I created a combo box to make searching a data validation list easier. However, I was only able to do it in one cell and need that same combo box for about 600 more cells so that any new entry they can continue to search. Is...
  12. A

    Combination vlookup

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out if this is possible. I want to use a vlookup (or any formula) to return the lowest value of 5 specific values. We have 7 INDIVIDUAL MODEL NUMBERS. Then we have PACKAGE MODEL NUMBERS that include 5 of the INDIVIDUAL MODEL NUMBERS. In (Column D, Rows 2,3,4) I...
  13. I

    Problem with Target.Range

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If (Target.Range="$C$3") And (Target.Range=$C$3) Then Call Macro1(Target.Address(False, False), Target.Value) End If End Sub I am trying it to detect changes made in cell C3 and D3 and if changes are made in both the cells only then call...
  14. J

    Macro to copy and paste multiple cells if row contains date within range

    Hello everyone, I have a macro set up that asks for a beginning date and an ending date, then scans columns J-Y for a date that falls within that range. If the macro finds a valid date, it copies and pastes the cell containing the date and the cell directly to the right of it onto another sheet...
  15. B

    Multiple Functions In On Cell

    This is a rookie question but I have searched several Knowledge Bases/Blogs and have not yielded any results that were helpful. I am trying to write a programming statement to achieve the following: I am checking 2 different cells looking for specific data and then posting results based on...
  16. J

    VBA Lock Cells - Error Type 13 Mismatch - Multiple Cells

    Hi, I have a Yes / No data validation list in column A. When Yes is selected I want rows B - T to be locked and want it unlocked when it is empty / no is selected. The below code works brilliant but only when one cell is inputted with Yes. When multiple cells in column A are inserted with Yes...
  17. R

    Set Pivot items on multiple (numeric value) cells

    Hi, I am struggling with a macro to set multiple pivot items based on multiple cells. I have tried different codes but they don't work as they should be. In this case, I would like the macro to set the months based on cells "'Validatie'!AQ2" and "'Validatie'!AQ3". These cells contain numeric...
  18. G

    Dynamic Conditional Formatting for Multiple Cells

    Hey all, I think an image is the best way to show what I want: Right now, I have three rules set to check cell $A$3 against $A$1. I would like these same rules to apply to the entire columns, though, so: $B$3's formatting depends on $B$1's value $C$3's formatting depends on $C$1's value ...
  19. M

    Adding multiple cells, from multiple workbooks, in multiple folders...

    Hi all, I know this is very specific... I have set up tracking sheets for each of my 27 members of staff. Each of them has their own folder (which has restricted access to just them), which contains 1 work book per month for the new financial year. Each work book is identical, with a summary...
  20. J

    VLOOKUP for multiple items over differnet sheets

    Hello all I am new here so im sorry if this has been asked and answered but this is what I am looking for.Currently I am using VLOOKUP like this =IF($A8="","",(VLOOKUP($A8,MASTER!$A$1:$G$1500,6,FALSE)))I have changed my master sheet to allow conversions so now I enter the master sheet like...

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