Charts missing information on printout (look fine on screen)


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Sep 28, 2011
I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 which crunches a large amount of data into 71 charts. The 71 charts are on a single worksheet, formatted to print four charts per page. Back on December 12, I was able to print the worksheet and everything appeared as I would expect. Now, I go back into the same file that has not been modified since December 12, and information is missing from the top two charts on each page of the printout. Everything looks fine on the screen and in print preview. In fact it is not only one worksheet that this has happened to, but several worksheets that were built from the same template. The top two charts on each page are missing the following:

- chart area border
- x axis labels
- y axis labels
- series names on legend
- data series markers
- data labels

I have tried several things while troubleshooting that I will share here. I will continue to try things but I would appreciate any insight anyone has on this problem. If I print the charts one to a page, everything prints fine. I tried several different printers and printed to Adobe PDF, all with the same result. I asked a coworker try printing this file to see if she would get the same results and she did. I tried moving the problematic charts from the first and second position on each page to the third and fourth position on each page, and they printed fine. I moved charts that were fine up to the top of each page, and they printed with missing information. I created new charts on the top half of each page, and they printed with missing information. I created new charts on the bottom half of each page, and they printed fine. My conclusion is that the problem appears to be tied to the rows or the cells as opposed to the charts. I am really puzzled by the fact that these printed fine on December 12 and the same files are not printing fine now.

Sorry for the long rambling post - I wanted to describe everything I have done so far. Any ideas on what is causing this or what I should try next? Thanks!


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Sep 28, 2011
I believe the issue we're having is due to Microsoft Update KB2596596 which was issued on December 13, 2011. On Microsoft's website, the following notice is shown: "A regression of this update was reported in which graphs are not printed correctly or graphs may have parts missing when you print them. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available."

Here are a couple other forums where this problem is discussed:

I will try removing this update when I get to work tomorrow. If that doesn't help, I will post again here!

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