Collapse/Expand grouped columns based on cell value


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Hi All,
I have a worksheet with 52 weeks of personnel planning. These are grouped columns with an empty column in between each week. The groups are in columns E:PL. Each of the weeks are named ranges.
Columns A:D have text (ie. work path, area, etc.). For the user, the columns are frozen to show these text fields on the left side of the sheet.
I would like it when the user clicks on this worksheet (Planning), the groups are collapsed/expanded based on the week (named range). The cursor should then move to the 1st column of the named range (week) and all other groups are collapsed. Basically, when the user opens this sheet, he should only see the text fields and the selected week.
The cell reference is on another sheet (Capacity) in Cell A1.

I appreciate any help :)

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