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I have a simple formula starting in column AD6-AQ6
in AD6 i have =aa06 AE6 =aa07 AF6 =aa08 ect
it stops in cell AQ6 then drops down to AD7 over to AQ7 then down to AD8-AQ8
when i copy cell AD6 and choose the rest of the cells (ae6-aq320) the formula changes from AA to AB
how can i keep it all AA and not change to AB or AC ect


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In cell AD6 you could have following formula:

which can then be copied from AD6 till AQ6

Hope this will help

Gerald Higgins

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Which one didn't work, you've been offered two solutions ?

And in what way exactly did it not work ?


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I think Gerald missed the first part of your question, and didn't notice that you are wanting to copy the formula across the row, but you actually want the column piece to increment. His solution shows you how to lock down the column reference all right, but won't increment the row part.

James formula will do exactly what you want for the first row.

However, I am not sure what you want the formula to look like in the second row. What formula do you expect to see in AD7?
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If the formula in AD7 should be pulling from AA20, then try this modication to James's formula:

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