Customizing and adding pop-up boxes to charts


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Jul 24, 2010
I'm working with a basic combo column/line chart plotting date, number and currency (date, volume, closing price). Is there a way to hover over a plot on the chart and have a pop up of the data row appear? In other words can we get rid of the words volume, series, etc, or do the pop-ups default to the way it is now?

Is there a way to change the date format for the little data series pop up to be different from the way it is set up on the data series. I'm charting a year's worth of data but the data series is set to have only the month and year appear on the X axis (no room for every date) but when we hover over a point on the chart we want to have the month, day and year.

Is it possible to add "markers" at various points on the chart that, when clicked or rolled over, a pop up/text box comes up (we would specifically draft the text for the pop up). If this is possible, where would I write the text -- in another column of the spreadsheet?

Last time, first time. Thanks for any help.

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May 28, 2002
Check out the add-in
Hover Chart Label

For the 1st part, create a new column that contains whatever it is you want to see when you hover over a point. Use the add-in to designate this column as the data label for the chart series. Now, when you use the add-in, only the label associated with that data point will be visible.

For the 2nd part, create a new series with data points that correspond to wherever you want the markers. Then, use the technique described in the previous para to set and display the custom contents whenever you hover over the points of *this* series.

Alternatively, for the 2nd part, combine the custom text with the data label text of the 1st series and use just the single series.

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