Embeded Form Control Combo Box, works for some users but not others


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Dec 12, 2014
So here is my bit of fun (Windows 7 64-bit, Excel 2010 v14.0.7140.5002 32-bit):

We have a spreadsheet used for sizing products provided to us.

Within the spreadsheet are drop down list. These list are apparently made using Form Control - Combo Box.

For "John", everything was working fine. For reasons I don't know, it no longer works. Clicking on the drop down list is now like clicking into empty space. Nothing at all happens. I can manage to click on and grab the drop down list by first enabling Design Mode. However that only allows me to move the list, not make it function.

What I have tested:
1) Tried it on a different computer in Excel 2013, Works.
2) Tried it on my own PC under my user name, Fails.
3) Tried in on two different users on my PC, one Administrator, one Standard user, Works on both.
4) Tried on a different user account on "John's" pc, Works.

So the two points of failure are on "John" on his PC and on me on my PC, otherwise the drop downs seem to work fine.

Tried to repair Excel/Office to see if it was a settings issue. No change.
All I can tell at the moment is that it doesn't seem to be a permission issue or an issue between versions of Excel. Yet there is something different within our user accounts where it stops working.

Other information:
This is a protected workbook by the creator, but it still works on other PCs as long as a click enable editing. We do click enable editing on all users and PCs, do that doesn't seem to be a common denominator, unless something about that setting is not behaving as expected.
In case anyone ask, I sadly can only provide you information and I cannot share the workbook online as it is the IP of someone else and we do not have permission to share it.
Please reply if there is any other information I can provide that will help with this.

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Dec 12, 2014
OMG, thank you, thank you, ..............., seriously, thank you.

I didn't even think this would work because its a form control and not an activeX control but it did work, so WOOT!!

Have a great day.

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