Excel opening workbook in another instance


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Hi all,

I have some multiple workbooks that I have saved on a sharepoint site that have macros to open other workbooks on that site and pull data out of them

This all works fine, except sometimes when I open the other workbooks from the sharepoint site. excel seems to open the workbook in another instance of excel.

This results in me not being able to re-open the workbook when my macro calls for it - but also stops my code from working as it can't see that the other workbook is open.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Mmm haven't seen that before. Is it really another instance, or is it perhaps that Excel opened the file in 'protected' mode, waiting for you to press the edit button?


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Yeah it's another instance.

It seems to only do it when I store it on microsoft teams... and not when using sharepoint proper - so I guess it's a glitch in MS teams

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