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Hello there,

This might be a really dumb question, if it is, just tell me it is!

As part of my job, I have to get the time and distance between two post codes and with over 200 to do, it's bit of laborious process!

I used to literally copy and paste every post code into Google, I've improved on this slightly with concatenate... i.e..

So I've gone from copying and pasting two post codes, to copy and pasting one web address (yay!)

Is there ANY way I could make this process more automated? I'm a basic macro user, I've seen stuff about google about APIs which go over my head... there are probably people out there who could make it fantastic but charge me money for. I was just hopeful there would be something I could do to make this processes easier?

...or is this something I should pay 'professionals' to do?

Thank you!


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Does it need to be Google?

If it does then you would need to sign up for an API key to do this.


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No, it doesn't have to be Google. Any similar site that could give mileage and the time it takes to get from post code A to post code B would be fab.

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