Mulitple Combinations in one sheet


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So, I'm not too sure how to go about this.

I have 2 tables:

one lists loans (amount, term, type (reducing debt orlevel) –
the second list is for types of life cover amount, term,type, cost)

The maximum loans is six and I 'm looking to also limit the policies to six aswell.

I have already had some help with VBA to get all the combinations for the loans – this runshorizontally and can have a maximum of 63 combinations (this will varydepending on input) for from column "E:AGO"

If there are two loans – you would only get 3 outcome(E:S:AG) etc. but if there were 6 loans there would be 63 combinatons.

Above each combinations I have an array and this listsall the policies that meet the criteria (term and type) and this createsmultiple lists above the loan combinations.

What I would like to try and do is create combinationsfor each of the ‘policy lists’ above – if there were two loans – these possibilitieswould be:
E20:E25 / S20:S25 / AG20:AG25……but all the way to “AGO20:AGO25”

This could mean 63 different combinations.
If there are no policies that meet the criteria the rangefor that would be blank …
I need the result starting from row 45 and each combinationin a separate row as I will need to add data and formula next two each one anda gap of 3 row between each calculation as I need to add in totals.

Data in range E20:E25 – combination result in E45
Data in range S20:S25 – combination result in S45
Data in range AG20:AG25 – combination result in AG45
Data in range AU20:AU25 – combination result in AU45
If the range in blank then there is no combination..

Hope this makes sense, if at all possible?


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