Multiple lookup-tables different for Pivot Table vs. Power View


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Feb 3, 2014
I have a model with multiple many-to-many relationships between table columns. I've managed to solve this and get the wanted result when using Power View, but it's different when using conventional Pivot Tables. However, if applying a Calculated field (product -> Calculated field 1) it becomes correct, but I feel that I'm not doing this right and that it could be done in some smarter way.

I find it pretty much impossible to describe in words so I've made a demo-file to illustrate my issue.

First tab ("Power View1") shows 3 slicers with a table below. The table shows what I'm expecting for any combination of slicer usage.

Second tab ("Pivot Table1") also shows 3 slicers with a table below. The table does not show what I'm expecting, but if I add product -> "Calculated field 1" to VALUES it does. I made this Calculated field on my own idea that I simply need some formula that includes both dimensions, but that's just my guess.

Third tab ("raw_data") shows all raw tables (which are then Linked Tables to the Data Model).

Please if anyone could guide me on how to make proper use of a Calculated field (or some other solution) on second tab to make the Pivot Table behave like the Power View. Because I need Pivot Tables rather than Power View because the Print-functionality of Power View sucks in Excel Online.


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Mar 16, 2014
The behavior that you are seeing is that if you have NO values on the pivot table, it doesn't bother trying to filter. However, if you have a least one value in there... it removes rows where all the values are BLANK().

In your case, if you used say... COUNTROWS(product_to_store) on values, you would get the same results. Typicallly you want to see SOME value in your pivot table... :) What are those values in your case?


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Feb 3, 2014
Ok, I guessed so. Let's say I want average product's price as Value. So if I add it it still doesn't work. But if I add a Calculated field:

then it works as expected. But I guess I'm not doing it the proper way!?

(The file is updated so you can check it again).

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