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Jul 17, 2010

I have a stiuation, I wanted to know that whether it can be solved by Excel 07 or not?

Q: There is a library, which is not following a coding system for books. Currently the library is having 100 books and 100 are coming on the way. It is having 4 Shelves each is again divided into rows of 10 and one row can carry as much as 10 books.

There are four types of books currently available at library.
1. Physics
2. Mathematics
3. Literature
4. Fiction

Library incharge made an Access table with the following fields:
BookName Type Rows Position Shelve

And also an Excel file named as Librarybooks.xlsx having two columns
BookName Type
Because management wants to know only the books available and type they have.

For data entry purpose in excel he made a data validation rule for column B i.e. Type
having options :
New Entry

If a user selects on New Entry he will get a input box asking Type,Rows,Position and Shelve and after entering the data the same needs to be updated in Access Sheet.

Or if user selects any of the pre defined types the input box asking Rows,Position and Shelve.

Else it is better to have the same table in excel and hide it using hide property. And then writing code will be easier for the same.

What do you suggest?

And if the answer is the first one please mention how to relate the access table to excel....and what will happen if the same code is copied to another machine i.e. whether Access works as a back end database with the sheet, wherever it is been copied.:confused::confused::confused:


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