New to DAX . . . simple RELATED

Jeffrey Green

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i did this years ago, but cant replicate what i did.

I have Table1 and Table2 and with a relationship of Column1 = Column1.
there is only one column in table1 and two columns in table 2.

All i want to do is bring in the value in Column2, called junk, into Table1.

There are 500,000 rows in both, and using Related is WAY faster than vlookup.

i am using =RELATED(Table2[junk] in a calculated column in table1. it errors, "table1 calc column has syntax error"

1. i do this in the data model right? not the exdel?
2. how do i toggle between the data model and the excel workbook?

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Jeffrey Green

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ah, it seems like my relationship isnt staying as i set it. i am setting TABLE1/Column1 = Table2/Column1. But when i look at it again in MANAGE RELATIONSHIPS, it reversed. and if i do the RELATED fuction in table2, i works, pulling data from table1. Thoughts?

Jeffrey Green

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I did at the beginning; I thought fixed that; but i re-did entire process from the start . . it is ok now . . . BUT
I was able to do my RELATED in the Data Model, but how do i update the EXCEL workbook? thanks


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Maybe the best way is to do it in Power Query rather than PowerPivot (using Merge Queries) and load the results to a new table in Excel.

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