OLAP data pivot table only updates after I change a filter


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Jul 29, 2015
Hi all

I have a pivot table with data from an OLAP connection. It usually works fine. Today though all values were 0 after updating data. Waiting for a bit to make sure the underlying data was processed I updated again to no avail. I spent a lot of time and finally found that if I went to one of the row filters, added any extra row at all, the data in the table would update and show correct numbers. I tried it several times on copies of the original table - no amount of updating would get me updated numbers, but adding any unrelated row in my filter would make the numbers update even if I removed the row again after the update.

So for some reason the filter seemed to need some kind of update/reproccess that wasn't done with the update table or update all actions in excel for the OLAP connection.

Now I'm nervous that this problem might pop up again in any of the countless reports I've sent out using pivottables and relying on the end users using the update all button to get current data.

Anyone know what is going on or have an idea how to safeguard from this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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