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I have a power query setup that imports tables from all excel files in a folder.
Is it possible to have a column that contains a link to the original excel file?

[I have this working in a regular excel table using the hyperlink function (which uses the customer name to get to the correct file). Now I want to convert that table to a power query table which makes automation much easier!]

Is it possible to get this automated with power query in any way?



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Ok, thank you
Is there any workaround?

In any case, a "No" is better than more hours wasted on trying... ;)


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if the result of Query will be loaded into the sheet - it's possible but remeber that if you refresh your result (query)-table you will lost hyperlink.

you can use: =HYPERLINK("link_location")
1. add prefix: =HYPERLINK("
2. add suffix: ")
3. load to the sheet
4. replace = with = (yes this is the same equal sign)
and you'll get hyperlink but as I said above, each refresh remove hyperlink and you need repeat replace = to =
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I forgot: link_location: full path\filename


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Thanks - this worked for me.
I created a button that runs a function to refresh the query and replace the = sign
Works perfectly!

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