Problem with export query for time formatted data from Access 2010 to Excel 2010


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I have an excel .xlsm spreadsheet used for several years that has many ms query connections to an access db.
After the company upgraded to Win 7 \ Office 2010 one of the simplest ms queries will not work.
This query simply goes out to an access db table which contains one record and 1 field. A time stamp.
I pull this time stamp into a cell in the excel workbook.

Since the upgrade though, the field will only show 12:00 and not refresh the correct time stamp.

When stepping through the query in Excel and choosing to look at the SQL, the correct value appears so it is clearly connecting and pulling the right piece of data.
It simply will not discplay in Excel. It makes no difference how I format the cell either.

I have tried recreating it and get the same result.

I have all macro warnings \ settings turned off.

When opened on a computer with XP \ Office 2007, it works correctly. On a Win 7 \ Office 2010 computer, the query just returns 12:00 AM.

So I'm kind of stumped.

Why would the issue not occur with any of the other query conenctions and just this one?
How can I fix this?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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