time format

  1. W

    Time format

    Hello Can you help me Guys about the calculation of two time The start time and end time how I subtract it using a code in user form Private sub Tb11_change() Me.Tb11.value = timevalue(Tb10.value) - timevalue(tb9.value) End sub
  2. J

    Average of Times - Divided by Zero Error

    Can anyone help me format my times so that they average in a Pivot Table? I receive a report of login/logout times in a weird Unix blend format. I have to convert it to xx:xx AM/PM. When I put together a Pivot Table, the average of the times produces a "Divided by Zero" error. Thank you!! Jim
  3. iosiflupis

    Power Query number conversion to hh:mm

    Hello all, I am working in PQ to transform over 40 .csv files to excel. One of the steps that I am trying to accomplish is to convert a whole number, of up to 4 digits, to a time in hh:mm format. I have looked high and low in google search and cannot find anything that comes close. I have...
  4. M

    Excel sees my AM/PM times as text

    I've formatted my cells as time. When I enter 3:15 Excel converts it to 3:15 AM. That's ok. But if I input 3:15 PM Excel accepts it as text. If I type 15:15 Excel properly converts is to 3:15 PM. I have no idea why I can't type the AM or PM and have Excel accept the value as a time.
  5. Sufiyan97

    Weird Time Format

    Below is a Time format I copied from our company's system in cell first cell B2 Time is 102 hours and 30 minutes which is correct but when I see in formula bar it is showing 1/4/1900 6:30:00 AM which is not correct I want to extract hours and minutes like 102:30 (102 hours and 30 minutes) and...
  6. sakis_s

    Cells in time format. Trying to find a way to copy them the way i need.

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out how can i copy a cell that is in time format the way i need. I've tried different things but nothing works the way i want and i run out of ideas so i'm kindly asking if you have any other ideas to make it work. My example: In sheet1 A1 field is in "Time" format and...
  7. P

    Format Painter Doesn't Work

    (Using both the latest Excel release (2019?) and libraries with legacy releases) I have some music track time lengths that are in the format 5:43 (h:mm), but another column displays 5:43:00 AM. So I used both the Format, Number, Custom, h:mm option on the cells that showed the AM designation...
  8. K

    Data Validation - 15 Minute Intervals - Time Range

    I have a column of cells in which I need users to input their time spent on a project ( time input as [hh]:mm ) the hours are accumulated over a 6 month period so can exceed 24 hours - but I would like the times entered to be restricted to 15 minute intervals (eg. 60:00, 55:15, 43:30, 38:45...
  9. P

    Convert hh:mm:dd to decimal time

    Hello, I've tried converting the format hh:mm:dd to decimal time and it isn't working. My input data values are coming from a SW program that creates a text output. It is coming in either as general or custom format. Input = 76:41:30 I want my output to be 76.69 I think my problem may lie...
  10. T

    VBA macro - change time format and select rows with specific month

    Hi guys, I have a big file with columns D & E that contains time of starting an action (D) and finishing the action (E). I need the time in a custom format, like: mmmm dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM Records are from the last 2 years, but i'm interested in a specific month, let's say, January 2017 and...
  11. A

    Comparing Times in Access

    I'm working on an employee schedule. I have folks start and end times as well as break and lunch times. I'm trying to create 1/0 for working/not working in 15-minute intervals throughout the day. My equation looks to say if the interval is less that the person's start time, greater than the...
  12. S

    Formatting more than a months worth of seconds

    First, let me clarify that I am NOT trying to "convert" seconds to a "# of days, #of hrs, # of mins" ... I am trying to take a cell that has a number of seconds already in it, but I would like it "displayed (formatted) to show "# of days, #of hrs, # of mins". I'm struggling with finding a...
  13. P

    Copy time formatted cell

    Hi Folks I'm trying to join the content of two cells: one of them is in the format 10:40:15, and the other is in the format 11/11/2015. When I try to concatenate the contents of both cells to get something like "11/11/2015 10:40:15", the date field format goes ok, but the one with the time...
  14. M

    Text to Columns Time Issue in Macro

    I have data that is formatted like so... <tbody> calldate 12/12/2015 18:52 12/12/2015 16:50 12/12/2015 16:17 12/12/2015 14:00 12/12/2015 13:44 12/12/2015 13:35 12/12/2015 13:11 </tbody> I'm running a macro, and one part of that macro is to separate the date/time column into...
  15. J

    Time conversion

    Hi there gurus! I'm trying to convert a general entry into a cell into a time format. The general entries are all entered as 06:00am for example. I've tried changing the formatting of the cells but as the data is pulled from a website it continually enters refreshed data as a general format...
  16. Prevost

    check cell value to given number of significant digits

    Hi There. I want to check a cell value to a given number of significant digits. Is there a way to do this using a function? Say if I wanted to check if the value of a cell is pi, but only to two significant digits (so 3.14) is there a function or vba that I can use to check a number and cut off...
  17. Prevost

    Checking to see if time difference is 1 hour using if function

    Hi There. I want to use an if function to determine whether or not the time difference between 2 cells is not equal to 1 hour. I tried =if((A2-A1)=0.0416666666666667, 0,1) but it does not work all the time. For example, 16:00-15:00 is not 0.0416666666666667. I converted the time difference of...
  18. T

    Help me convert a column of times from text, but starting like this (thank you)

    <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> 754 1007 1102 806 </tbody> I've hand tallied a bunch of data (as text format), but to save time, I didn't enter the ":" (notice I didn't say "enter the colon"...wait I just did:warning:)...
  19. B

    Calculation of breaks between workshifts

    Guys please help as I ran out of ideas: I need to calculate workers' rest time between two shifts, example Day 1 Time in: 8:00 Day 1 Time out: 23:00 Day 2 Time in: 8:00 Day 2 Time out: 17:00 Rest between shifts: 9hrs [so formula would be Day 1 Time out - Day 2 Time in, but it never returns...
  20. L

    Problem with export query for time formatted data from Access 2010 to Excel 2010

    Hi, I have an excel .xlsm spreadsheet used for several years that has many ms query connections to an access db. After the company upgraded to Win 7 \ Office 2010 one of the simplest ms queries will not work. This query simply goes out to an access db table which contains one record and 1 field...

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