Reference to Data of a cell from another excel sheet - Increment Automatically


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Hello Sirs,

I have an excel file as log showing the details of drawings received - such as Reference Number, Attachments details & Drawing Titles etc. (Say the file name name as "Register1").

I wanted to make transmittal for each item in another excel file (say file name as "Transmittal1").

So once i linked a cell in "Transmittal1" file =[Register1.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1, i need to update next two cells of "Transmittal1" file with the corresponding data from "Register1" file.

If i copy paste manually it will be =[Register1.xlsx]Sheet1!$B$1 & =[Register1.xlsx]Sheet1!$C$1.

But is there a way to have these two data automatically while i link the first cell?

Note: The cells in "Transmittal1" are not in right order and not aligned to drag by removing the "$".

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PIC-P2B-OGE-KME-TS-03751Water Supply Layout


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Water Supply Layout


Thank you,

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