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Jun 1, 2016

Fairly new to PowerPivot and I've managed to create a few working models, however I'm stuck - below is a simplified version of my data and the problem

Table 1 - Is a list of All hotels, along with their country, region, etc
Table 2 - is a list of all bookings made over the past 2 years
Table 3 is a list of all enquiries made over the last 2 years
Table 4 is a dates table

I've linked the Product ID (one) to the bookings and enquirers tables (both many) & the dates table is linked to the booking and enquiry date

The overall aim is i'm trying to get a pivot table with bookings and enquiries by hotel for this year and last year - i can make a distict count to get these numbers - however what i want to be able to do, is use some of the other data from the booking table, i.e. the team that made the booking - use this as a grouping or slicer - but everytime i get the relationships between tables maybe needed, despite me having relationships in place - i feel like it must be something fundamental i'm missing, but i've struggled to find any resources that help me answer the question

any help is greatly appreciated
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Matt Allington

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Dec 18, 2014
What do you want/expect to happen to the enquiries table if you slice by a column in the bookings table? There would seem to be no relationship (logically) between these things. If you remove all reference to the enquiries table, then it should work as you expect. Tables 1 and 2 both filter both tables 3 and 4. 4 doesn’t filter 3 and 3 doesn’t filter 4. That’s what causes the warning.

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