1. K

    Formula Help

    Hi all, im a bit stuck with this. I am trying to find a formula that will find the 'parcel_volume': cell and then return the cell next to it. But as you can see below that 'parcel_volume': is not just in colulm N and is somtimes in another colulmn. I am unable to change the layout of this as it...
  2. M

    Calculate Tenure with a Twist

    So I have two sheets. One sheet has my employee list with historic Start and End Dates. My other sheet is the summary of that list by Month. For example, lets say I have 10 Employees on my Employee sheet that all have Start and End dates, on my second sheet I have to summarize that info by...
  3. S

    Countif with dates compared to two cells Sheets

    Hello I am really hoping someone on here can help, I am a bit of an excel/gsheet newbie... I am trying to create a TOTAL of actions overdue depending on the date. I have managed to use the COUNTIF function to count the dates that are overdue in column H. The next step is where I am stuck...
  4. H

    Percentage Question!

    Howdy all! So I am trying to figure out how to make this idea a reality. I'm not even sure that I can but I figured I would ask the web of experts and see instead of screaming silently in my head over and over. Idea: I want to be able to calculate the percentage of vehicles in my squadron...
  5. K

    time value format

    hi all, i would like to ask how can i amend my issue. A1 is used to enter a time to color B1:B100 by conditional formatting which is greater than A1 i've manual changed the format both are "hh:mm", while i always get stuck in column B with format "date time" like "8/10/2019 20:15", thus i cant...
  6. F

    VBA Code to automate Text To Columns for Row Entries w/ Comma as Delimiter

    Hi. Could use your help in figuring out proper VBA code to use on a per entry basis, row by row. Entry is from left to right along the row from “Date” to “Receipt #”. When it gets to the end of the row, that VBA code should return to the “Description” cell for that row and then execute “Text to...
  7. L

    Relationships/Slicers help

    Hi, Fairly new to PowerPivot and I've managed to create a few working models, however I'm stuck - below is a simplified version of my data and the problem Table 1 - Is a list of All hotels, along with their country, region, etc Table 2 - is a list of all bookings made over the past 2 years...
  8. J

    Trying to Create a Pricing Curve

    I have three quantities with prices: 30 - $6,313 100 - $5,592 300 - $5,261 I am trying to determine the price for each quantity in between the quantities above (31, 32, 33, 34, 35 etc). Honestly I am completely stuck and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. D

    Stuck in the middle

    I am using a data validation list pull down menu to select an item.When I go to the drop down arrow it starts in the middle so u cant see the list any help to move it to the top so the list shows?
  10. S

    VBA Loop

    Hi All, I am having issues with loops in VBA, I am convinced it should work but doesn't & I have no clue why! Sub SiteReports() Dim T As Integer Dim fldr As FileDialog Dim sItem As String Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set fldr = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)...
  11. I

    Set Formula For Range

    Hey guys, I'm just basically failing at a really easy task.. I think. I just need to to set the cells to the formula below increment for the range.. I'm kinda stuck. 'Worksheets("Log").Range("6D:35D").Formula = " =IF(A6<>"", B6-C6, "")"
  12. T

    Conditional Formatting Based On Time Remaining Between Dates

    Hi there, I've lurked these forums for a while now and have always been able to find and answer to my excel questions. However this time I'm stuck. I'm trying to apply conditional formatting to cells based on when the due date is. For example: "D3" has an initiated date of 23/05/2019, "E3"...
  13. M

    Countifs matching two separate tables

    Hi I have this formula but stuck on the last condition. I want to count based on Client Name in current table where it finds a match to: table1 client name & is not OOS/Lost AND if the country is listed both on table1 matching a table in another sheet which is called 'Prority 1' this last...
  14. B

    calculating worktime and overtime

    I'm trying to calculate overtime and working time based on the start time and stop time given. The criteria are: Valid working time is between 07:00 and 17:00 all other time outside this slot is overtime. to calculate the time is not the issue, it is when somene starts or stops the time outside...
  15. LaurenHancy

    how to incorporate WORKDAY into the following formula

    Hi All, I have a drop down with a specific month, my forula does the trick and displays all dates for that month, but how can I display WORKDAY's only? I am a bit stuck, your help is appreciated. A1 = Dropdown date: =IF(A1="","",DATEVALUE("1 "&A1)) The in next cell this formula...
  16. L

    Array manipulation

    Hello guys, I'm trying to take a range from each sheet and add it into array. The selected ranges will always be the same size so only the first dimension of the array needs to be redimmed You can use: arrayInQuestion = Range("M1:M30").Value To set an array to be equal to a range, but after...
  17. R

    read 2500000 record then filter for the 2500 records containing the word "rats"

    I have 311 data from the city of Montreal open data site, the CSV file has roughly 2,5 Million records from 2016 until last month. I loaded the all records using power query using the Load to Only create Connection. However, I would like...
  18. M

    Stuck on a simple formula

    Hello, I've multiplied using this formula ---> =SUM(B1*A2)/12 and got the result of 2.0 which is correct. However, when I try to copy down the formula this is what I get. 0.6 (in blue)is the result of the drag/copy down and the result should be 2.3. Each cell keeps referencing back to B1...
  19. zookeepertx

    Stuck in an infinite loop!!

    I currently have a macro stuck in an infinite loop! I've done Alt/Esc about 3 times and it's not breaking out. I tried Ctrl/Esc, Alt/End and Ctrl/End & it isn't helping. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you!!
  20. N

    Got stuck in writing the syntax for IF formula

    Hello =IF(BE3<$A$1,BF3,0)+IF(BJ3<$A$1,BK3,0)+IF(BO3<$B$2,BP3,0)+IF(BT3<$A$1,BU3,0)+IF(BY3<$A$1,BZ3,0) Got stuck in writing the syntax for above with IF formula curRow = 3 ws.Cells(curRow, 83).Formula = "=IF(BE" & curRow & "<a1," &="" "bf,"="" "0)" Thanks NimishK</a1,">

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