VBA code to by-pass creating new Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt,*.csv) ODBC Data Source for Pivot table reports for business users on their computers

Margie Burgett

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May 23, 2008
Hello everyone, There is most likely a real easy answer to my road-block and looking to the 'experts' for advise.

1. CSV formatted data source file successfully created out of MS Access 2003 with approximately 200K records and uploaded to SharePoint 2007 directory.

2. Macro button created in MS 2003 Excel report contain master pivot table worksheet to successfully download/export this SharePoint CSV file to a customers hard drive (example: C:\Reports\CSV_Files\sourcefile.CSV) .... (the catch I need to address is) but this requires that each person run the odbcad32 or go to Control Panel -> double-click the ODBC Data Sources and set up a new data source for Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt,*.csv) ????

My goal is to have customers and users:
1. Download from SharePoint location (http://test.SharePoint.com/Team/Reports Library/filename.xls) the Excel 2003 pivot table report to (C:\Reports\filename.xls)

2. Open the newly downloaded Excel 2003 pivot table report C:\Reports\filename.xls

2. Click on excel Macro button contained within the C:\Reports\filename.xls to download the SharePoint location CSV data source file http://test.sharepoint.com/Team/Reports Library/CSV_Files/sourcefile.CSV to C:\Reports\CSV_Files\sourcefile.CSV without requiring any additional steps (like creating new ODBC Data Sources for Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt,*.csv)) and making it transparent to users and customers. This is where I have no idea to go from.

As you know the simplier the better and there is no way for me to sustain setting up ODBC Data Sources on everyones computers.

Now I am a beginner so please take this into consideration when responding.

I really look forward to your assistance.

(by the way the code for successfully downloading from SharePoint to hard drive was provided by an expert user on this forum... big thanks!)

Thank you, Margie.
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