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Hi People,

I've got some VBA code where i log into a website and navigate to a webpage however, i then need to click a tab on that webpage to see the information i want to extract (the URL is different each time as its includes the date and time) therefore I need to use VBA to click on the tab.

However I cannot see an element name, class name, tag name or ID. (im not brillant with VBA so probably missing it)

Below is the code (didnt use code tags or it will imitate the webpage). I want to use the sales tab....

can someone please help me
    • href="#operationalOffices">Operational Offices
      href="#productGroups">Product Groups
      href="#originatingRegions">Originating Regions
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before anyone asks, these are all the tabs on the webpage, and this is all the information in HTML code for these tabs. cant see any class= etc so i cant figure out how to click on it.


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I FOUND the ID!! id is "overview" though i still cannot get the code to click on this element.

Can someone still help me write this piece, you will have my eternal gratefulness.

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