VBA UserForm Load into Multiple Rows


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Sep 9, 2014
Here's what I am trying to do: Create a form that allows my sales guys to enter a customer name and PO, then put multiple "lines" of information where the lines themselves are compiled with Variable inputs. Then have that data automatically kick over to a master sheet, line by line, matching the customer name and PO to each line. I am a VBA novice at best and have no idea what I am doing. Can this be done?

Also I would like to make it so the Customer info only has to be input once. I've tried form templates, but form fill goes excel --> form and I need it to be reversed, form --> excel

Customer A (under PO 0001)

Qty: Size: Grade: Price:
2 8x8 A 1650

3 7x6 C 850

Customer B (under PO 0002)

5 8x6 A 1600

4 7x7 A 1600

15 8x8 A 9856

And I want this form to auto-populate a master sheet in this manner:

Customer PO QTY Size Grade Price

1 A 0001 2 8x8 A 1650
2 A 0001 3 7x6 C 850
3 B 0002 5 8x6 A 1600
4 B 0002 4 7x7 A 1600
5 B 0002 15 8x8 A 9856

Thank you all in advance for any help.

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