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Thread: SUMIF for closed workbook
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    Default SUMIF for closed workbook


    We have several target sheets that run using the formula below. I have been told that they always used to work without having the source book open but from researching online i dont see how it was possible as they have always been using sumif. could you have a look at the formula below and see how we could make it work without needing to have the source workbook open? Minimal changes would be fantastic as we have about 1000 spreadsheets that we would need to change this on.

    Many thanks


    Many thanks

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    Default Re: SUMIF for closed workbook

    Perhaps the workbook was opened via VBA to allow formula to be updated and immediately closed again via VBA and "they" did not notice that happening

      Dim wb As WorkBook
      Set wb Workbooks.Open("T:\Folder1\SubFolder1\SubFolder2\workbook.xlsx")
      wb.Close False
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