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Thread: VBA - Delete row based on cell above (date) and cells left (number)
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    Default VBA - Delete row based on cell above (date) and cells left (number)

    Hi - I have in A some order numbers and D has dates. A will populate blanks below row 1 until a new order begins and then enter a new order number followed by blanks dependent on how many lines on the order. D has 2 different dates.

    I want to be able auto fill the blanks in A (already solved) and delete the whole row based on the date above not matching and the order numbers matching as well.
    Where the order number is listed as default (before auto fill) the corresponding date will always be the one to keep

    Sorry i cant post attachements!

    1 order number code description date
    2 66644 Item1 Descr 1 13/06 Keep
    3 blank item2 descr 2 13/06 keep
    4 blank item 3 descr 3 07/06 delete
    5 blank item 4 descr 4 13/06 keep
    6 66687 Item1 Descr 1 20/06 Keep
    7 blank item5 descr 5 13/06 delete
    8 blank item 6 descr 6 20/06 keep
    9 blank item 7 descr 7 13/06 delete
    10 67015 item 3 descr 3 19/09 keep
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    Default Re: VBA - Delete row based on cell above (date) and cells left (number)

    This thread is a duplicate of:
    Kindly read Mr Excel's policy in Rule 12 against asking questions about the same topic in multiple threads:
    Thread closed. You may continue the discussion in your other thread.
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