So I have multiple workbooks in SharePoint, the regions data, that I want to conglomerate in a HQ book. The regions workbooks are secured so that each region can only open their workbook but I have permissions to open all of them. The columns are all the same across each regions book. I want to copy all regions data to a HQ book sorting by two fields, Rank, and trade. The rank and trades have a hierarchy. But all trades should be grouped together then sorted by Rank according to the hierarchy. SharePoint is making this difficult as the filenames to refer to the books are all in the same directory but still a long sharepoint file name for the target. I am thinking a variation of the many VBA codes I've seen here but most refer to copying from multiple sheets within the same workbook. I have not yet sorted out how to make the individual sheets protected from being seen by the other regions, hence each region has it's own book. I'm comfortable with some minor changes to filenames, hierarchy lists items, and column refences.