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    Post Excel Sort Question

    Is it possible to Sort excel in multiple columns when there is a formula in each column's cell?

    I was trying to Sort using Data >Sort and noticed that when I chose column Sort by - Column C it doesn't change other cells (ex. A, B, D & E) accordingly.

    Please note - Cell A contains Name like "Morningside" and others cells contains formula based numbers.

    When I remove formula using Paste values then my sorting works.

    Any suggestion how can I sort keeping all formulas in each cell.

    I am using Excel 2013.

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    Default Re: Excel Sort Question

    One option - use VBA to mirror whatever works manually

    Do all this in VBA
    - paste the required values into "NEW" temporary column immediately to the right of your data
    - ensure sort includes original table and new column(s)
    - sort data based on new column(s)
    - delete temporary column(s)

    Your formulas determine what needs to be done to make this work and whether it can be done in one step or a series of steps, but if you can do it manually, then I would expect VBA can be used to automate the process.
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