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Thread: Moving Files from folders less than specific size
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    Default Moving Files from folders less than specific size

    Hi All,

    I'm after a program that will loop through all folders and files in a directory regardless of what file type they are that are less than a specific size lets say 15GB and move them to a folder that it creates on the desktop called the less than 15gb and the date and then go through the same files and folders and move everything greater than 15gb to a different folder of the desktop.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Moving Files from folders less than specific size

    Hopefully this will get you started
    You should probably add som errorchecking and check file permissions.

    Option Explicit
    ' Change these to fit your needs
    Private Const copyMode As Integer = 16 ' Answers "yes to all", more info:
    Private Const maxFileSize As Long = 15 * 1000000 ' Size is evaluated in bytes
    Private Const startPath As String = "YOUR START PATH"
    ' Initializing Shell and Filesystem
    Private Shell As New Shell32.Shell
    Private FSO As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
    ' Destination on desktop
    Private destGreatOrEqual As Shell32.Folder3
    Private destLesser As Shell32.Folder3
    '/ Set reference to:
    ''  Microsoft Shell controls and automation
    ''  Microsoft Scripting Runtime
    Sub MoveFiles( _
      '' Init
      Set destLesser = getdestinationFldr("less than 15gb")
      Set destGreatOrEqual = getdestinationFldr("greater than 15gb")
      '' Procedure
      RecursiveFolder Shell.Namespace(startPath)
    End Sub
    '/ Check file size and move file to desktop
    '' Go recursively through subfolders
    Private Sub RecursiveFolder( _
    parentFldr As Shell32.Folder3 _
    On Error Resume Next
      '' Variables
      Dim item As Shell32.FolderItem
      '' Proc
      For Each item In parentFldr.Items
        ' Loop recursively if folder
        If item.IsFolder Then
          RecursiveFolder item
        '' Check file size and move if greater than 15GB
        ElseIf item.IsFileSystem Then
          ' Files greater than or EQUAL 15GB
          If FSO.GetFile(item.Path).Size >= maxFileSize Then
            destGreatOrEqual.CopyHere item
          ' Files smaller than 15GB (14.99999999)
            destLesser.CopyHere item, copyMode
          End If
        End If
      '' ****tproc
      If Err.Number <> 0 Then
        Debug.Print "Unexpteded error in RecursiveFolder"; Err.Number, Err.Description
      End If
    End Sub
    '/ Returns the destination on your desktop
    '' If no folder is present, a new folder is created
    Private Function getdestinationFldr( _
    folderName As String _
    ) As Shell32.Folder3
      '' Variables
      Dim desktopFldr As Shell32.Folder3
      '' Proc
      Set desktopFldr = Shell.Namespace(ssfDESKTOP) ' Desktop is a special folder, use string path if you want to
      ' Create new folder if folder is not present
      If desktopFldr.ParseName(folderName) Is Nothing Then
        desktopFldr.NewFolder folderName
      End If
      '' Retval
      Set getdestinationFldr = desktopFldr.ParseName(folderName).GetFolder
    End Function

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