Hello there,

I'm tracking times in a similar way to this:

Sheet 1 C D
2 1:00:01 0:59:59
3 1:00:02 1:00:02
4 1:00:02 1:00:02
5 1:00:02 1:00:02
6 1:00:02 1:00:02
7 1:00:02 0:50:50

I will have this for exactly 11 tabs, and my goal is to display the 5 (or 10) lowest times in a column on a separate sheet.
The times will always be in the cells C2:D7 and finding the lowest time using the MIN-operator is no big deal.

However, I have trouble displaying the 2nd lowest time. Using SMALL doesn't seem to work because I can only enter 1 array, and I can't find another way to do it.

=SMALL(('Sheet 1'!C2:D7,'Sheet 2'!C2:D7),2)
also doesn't work.

Useful info (?): I'm working on a Google Spreadsheet and I can't use VBA