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For problems that are more complex, or if you need a complete application, hire MrExcel Consulting to fulfill your Excel or Microsoft Office needs. Our team of professional Office developers will work with you via email, phone, online meetings, or onsite. Call or email us now for a free consultation and project review.

The team can provide consulting services for all of the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite!

Whatever your project may be,’s consulting services can fit your needs and your budget. For customized solutions, the MrExcel team will provide a fixed quote for your application. This means you will understand the total project cost before we begin.

Emergency Telephone Support

If you have a quick question and need telephone support now, contact one of our team for Emergency Excel Support by Telephone.

Excel Consulting Services

If you’re working on projects that require you to turn spreadsheets and workbooks into powerful business and timesaving tools, then’s Consulting Services are designed for you.

MrExcel is a wiz when it comes to understanding Excel and creating applications that help you take your Excel applications to the next level. He and his certified Excel MVPs personally work with you to create customized solutions to your recurring Excel problems from immediate emergencies to developing longterm, time saving applications. It’s this knowledge about Excel and numerous resources that enable to exceed your expectations and provide you with Excel solutions that will astonish you. Integration of Office applications is easily accomplished through the use of VBA. Recent projects include:

  • Multiple main document mail merges. The document name is a field in the Excel data source file.

  •  Word template with a custom user form to fill out the document with user entered data.

  • Automation of Word document proposals; especially nice for proposals that are tedious and require absolute accuracy.

  • Access database to track a persons data (clinical or educational) and report on that person over time or group multiple persons based on shared traits.

  • Automatically place product images in an Excelbased catalog.

  • Create Word reports with data and charts from an Excel file.

  • Read or write to a mySQL database (on a webbased server) using an Excel interface

Excel for Scientists

Dr. Gerry Verschuuren is available for consulting and East Coast training based on his Excel for Scientists and Engineers Series books. For more information visit

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