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Creating a Pie Chart

Posted by Karen on January 18, 2001 4:03 PM

I need to create a pie chart with labels, but am having some difficulties. I actually need two different charts. In Column A, Cells A2:A23 are the programs that we have. In Row 1, Cells B1:Q1 are the counties that we serve. In the cells between (B2:Q23) are the number of people that were served per program, per county. I need a pie chart for the number of people served per county and one for the number of people served per program. As for the labels, the pie chart per county needs to have the county name per corresponding slice of pie, and the same goes for program. I have put a formula in cells R2:R23 and B23:Q23 to calculate totals. For some reason, it's just not coming out right. Any suggestions or help? I'm sure this is a simple thing to do, but I'm fairly new to Excel and am having trouble getting it to work.



Posted by JAF on January 19, 2001 8:17 AM

You were right to put the formulas in to generate the totals (B24:Q24 for the totals by county and R2:R23) for the total by product.

To generate the pie charts (and you'll need to create 2 seperate charts), select the range of county names then press and hold Ctrl, then select the range of totals by county.

This selects 2 non-adjacent ranges and if you then run the chart wizard, you can create the pie charts you need.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Karen on January 19, 2001 2:18 PM


Thanks a million. That worked like a charm. You are a real lifesaver!