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Excel Bubble Charts

Posted by Steve Hickman on February 11, 2002 3:17 PM

I have 4 columns I want to put into a bubble chart.
Column 1 is the name, column 2 is x axis (Age), column 3 is y axis (%), column 4 is a size. How do I get excel to recognise the label name and put it into my bubble. There are 15 rows of information.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards

Posted by Mark W. on February 11, 2002 3:39 PM

Excel seems to do strange things when you select
a data range and create a bubble chart, or drag
and drop a new series onto an existing chart.

It's cumbersome, but you may get the best results
by using the Chart | Source Data... Series menu
command. The SERIES() function for a bubble chart
is a bit different than the standard SERIES()


notice that arguments 1-3 are cell references
instead of cell ranges as is argument 5.