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floating column chart?

Posted by T on August 04, 2000 6:59 AM

I recently took a test where I was asked to import a 'floating column chart' from excel
to Powerpoint. Problem was, I didn't see a 'floating column' option in
the chart list, only a 'floating bar'.
I know it exists, because on the test, they show a picture of
the chart that they want you to re-create, and this
was definitely a floating column.
Who knows where I can find this?? - or is there
another trick to creating it? I need to find it ASAP.
Oh this was in Excel 2000, but I imagine it's in 97 as well.


Posted by JAF on August 04, 0100 8:28 AM

Create the chart as the Floating Bar type and then with the chart selected, right click and select Chart Type.

If you then change the type from Bar to Column and click OK.

Hope this helps.


Posted by T on August 08, 0100 9:36 AM

I see now!!!! pick the 2nd column chart option in standard, then it switches to floating column!!!


Posted by T on August 05, 0100 11:51 AM

If you then change the type from Bar to Column and click OK. Hope this helps.

I see you should do the chart like a floating bar, finish it -
then if i'm not mistaken - you say to rt. click on
the finished chart, select chart type change the type -
that's what I'm confused on - I don't see where there's an option to change the chart like that.
Is it only in 2000?


Posted by Ivan Moala on August 05, 0100 7:14 PM

It is also avail in excel97 too, Jaf is correct,
you need to change it to a column chart in the
Std types tab and not the Custom types. You will
see Column (dont select the 1st one)