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Lables in XY Scatter Graph

Posted by John on August 23, 2001 9:43 PM

I am working on data that is arranged in the following order:

Country Per capite Income Teledensity
Algeria 1368 5.2
Brazil 3160 14.87
Canada 21083 65.45
. . .
. . .

I have plotted the above as an XY (Scatter) Diagram with 'per capita' as the the independant (X) variable and 'Teledensity' as the dependant (Y) variable. It is possible for me to introduce 'X' values such as 1368, 3160 etc. as well as 'Y' values like 5.2, 14.87 etc.,on the data points by using the data values and labels options. However, I am unable to introduce the names of countries onto the data points. If the same are introduced in the data range for X or Y variables, it changes the chart itself.

Is there any automatic way for the names of the countries to be introduced?

Posted by JJ on August 24, 2001 4:33 AM

Check out the following page:

(link no longer valid - search on Google)

and download XYChartLabeler.exe v6.1 (3 July 2000, 271k, 2678 downloads) - Updated