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problem with vertical text when pasting excel charts in word

Posted by Ross on March 19, 2001 12:03 AM

I'm running office 97 on an imac and have a problem when pasting excel charts into word - when the word document is printed, the vertical text (y-axis) comes out with a shadow and is not clear. I have tried pasting as a picture and as an excel object and it makes no difference. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Dave Hawley on March 19, 2001 12:09 AM

Hi Ross

While in Excel try holding down you shift key, then selecting you chart and then going to Edit>Copy Picture. This will give you some more copy options.

Not sure if will help or not. It could be a printer problem, maybe downloading the lastest printer driver may help ?

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Posted by sean on March 19, 2001 4:21 AM

try this....

remove the y-axis label completely. Add the label as a Text Box. Position to where you want it. Next, group the Chart and Text Box and copy the whole works "as picture" into Word.

If this doesn't work, you can remove the y-axis label completely, tidy up the chart and copy "as a picture" into Word. Once in Word, add the y-axis label as a Text Box on the chart and group them together.

this will work....