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Split Y-Axis

Posted by Patricia on September 26, 2001 8:33 AM

Does Excel have the ability to split a Y-Axis? What I'm thinking of is when your data points suddenly have a very wide gap -- and in the old graphing classes, you could simply insert to hash marks on the axis and skip over the un-needed data points.

I really needed this capability a couple of weeks ago and couldn't come up with the solution after a lot of research. However, now that I've found this forum, I'd thought I would toss out the question to you guys.


Posted by Eric on September 27, 2001 9:09 AM

I dont think excel can do axis breaks

Have you considered plotting the low range data on 1 series, and the high range data on a second, then have the second series plot on a second Y axis? You could adjust the range of the two Y axes so that they appeared to give you an axis break.