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Stacked Column Chart Labels

Posted by Kevin on February 02, 2001 3:50 PM

Is there anyway to get both value and percentage labels when creating a stacked column chart?

Posted by Mark W. on February 02, 2001 4:11 PM

Yeah, but you'd need to perform the calculations
on the worksheet and then change each data label
to reference those cells. For example, suppose
that cells A1:C3 contain
and they are charted as Stacked Columns. You could
enter =B2&CHAR(10)&TEXT(B2/SUM($B2:$C2),"0%") into
cell D2; fill right to E2; and then fill down to
populate D3:E3. Now click twice on the "10" data
label; type an equal sign (=); and click on cell D2.
Repeat this process for the remaining labels selecting
the worksheet cell with the corresponding calculation.

Posted by Kevin on February 05, 2001 2:30 PM

That's great - Thanks!
Just one more thing.
How do I edit the formula to include the currency symbol for the value?