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Drop Down Box or Check Box

Posted by Jim Reece on December 03, 1999 10:54 AM

I have a spreadsheet with questions in column A. In column B, I want to put a dropdown box with Select, Yes and No as the options (or simply a check box). Then in column C, I want to run an "IF" statement so that if the answer in Column B is No one result is shown and if the answer selected in column B is Yes another answer is shown. I know how to write the "IF" statement (see below), but I don't know how to make the dropdown box or check box so that it pops the result into column B. Here is my IF statement: =IF (B1=Yes,"OSHA Class I and II Asbestos Worker Certification - (Initial and Annual Refresher)","No Training Required"). Any help you can provide on making the dropdown menu or check box work with this is appreciated.


Posted by JAF on December 08, 1999 4:13 AM

It is possible (though fiddly) to use a drop down or check box.

If you're using Excel 97 or above, try using Data Validation to limit the values that can be input to Yes or No. Highlight the range you want to restrict and select Validation from the Data menu. On the setting tab, choose List and type Yes,No in the source box. Make sure the in cell dropdown box is checked.

Any time a user selects a cell in the range you selected, the dropdown will appear giving the user the choice of inputting either Yes or No.

Hope this helps.

PS - if you REALLY want to use a drop down or checkbox, drop me an email - I've got the code for doing this stuffed away in a file somewhere and can dig it out if you need it.