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Pop Up Button on form in Excel

Posted by jaydotcom on January 28, 2002 4:11 AM

Just curious how you could code a button that pops up 5 seconds after a form is loaded. ie: the user has to wait 5 seconds for a "Use" button to pop up whilst the purchase button is always visible?

Posted by Ivan F Moala on January 28, 2002 4:36 AM

In the VBE select your button you want to popup.
For the buttons property select visible and select/change to
False. (Properties vail via F4)

Now in your userform code you'll need to place
some code in the forms Activate routine.
The code you will need to impliment will be base
on a timing routine.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Dim Start, Delay

Start = Timer
Delay = Start + 5

Do While Timer < Delay
CommandButton2.Visible = True

End Sub