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Autofilter Button list details

Posted by slich on April 02, 2001 2:35 PM

Every so often I notice that the drop down list for all autofilter buttons in a spreadsheet does not contain the usual listing of unique occurences in the column - it only shows "ALL", "TOP 10", "CUSTOM". Sometimes it shows "Blanks" and "Non-Blanks" with the other 3 but does not filter properly to display Non-Blanks. I can't see any reason why this would happen - I have a very basic spreadsheet, no merged cells, no formulas. The column I am sorting only has blanks or "X". The buttons on this same spreadsheet worked fine when used last week.

Does anyone know what causes this and how I can get the filter button lists on this spreadsheet to behave as usual?


Posted by Rick M on April 02, 2001 3:08 PM

It will only show the values in the spreadsheet, where the last row has a value, not necessarily the that column.

Posted by Dave Hawley on April 02, 2001 3:26 PM

Slich, to expand on Ricks comment a bit more:

If you filter a single Column and that Column contains blank cells, the AutoFilter will not go past the first blank cell. If you had another column along side this that did NOT have blanks, or the blanks were not on the same row as the other column, the AutoFilter would go to the very last cell.


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Posted by slich on April 04, 2001 4:30 AM

Thanks to both- Slich