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Can I use data options from another workbook

Posted by Tony on November 10, 2001 11:01 PM

I tried to use the list box with valdation referring to another workbook but apparently I can't do this. Is there a way I can choose from a selection of data in a seperate workbook?

Posted by Damon Ostrander on November 12, 2001 2:29 PM

Hi Tony,

If I understand correctly, you are trying to reference the list for Data Validation to a range in another workbook. You are right in that you cannot do this. In fact, you cannot even reference a range on another worksheet in the same workbook. Nevertheless, there is an easy way around this. Simply assign (link) a range of cells on the data validated worksheet to the list in the other workbook (if you don't want this list to show up on the validated worksheet, simply put them in a column that you can hide). Then assign this range to the data validation list.