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copy a line

Posted by M.A.C on November 19, 2001 12:25 AM

On a sheet containing 10 columns,column number 3 is for a customer order number,what i need is all the lines that contain that order number copying to another sheet (sheet 2)

can this be done?
cheers in advance


Posted by Mike on November 19, 2001 5:09 AM

Couple of questions first.
Does coulmn 3 only contain one specific order
number or do the order numbers vary?

Do you want this to be done using a macro?

It's probably less of a hastle by using the Data filter, then copy and paste. Are you familiar
with the Data Filter?


Posted by mac on November 19, 2001 6:57 AM

the order number in column 3 is usually different,
i would prefer to use a macro, the reason for the task is to analise how many and description of items remaining on a particular order number



Posted by Mike on November 19, 2001 7:42 AM

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using the Data Filter could be the easiest way to go.
first click and drag to hi-lite the header row.
then click on Data, slide down to Filter, slide over and click on Auto Filter.
You'll see a bunch of arrows appear in the lower
right hand corner of each cell. click on the arrow in the cell that lists your order #'s, and slide down to click on a specific order number.
All the lines that pertain to that specific order# will then be shown. You can then copy the info to another sheet, or print from here.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.


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