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How do I recursively find non-blank values in a column?

Posted by Glen on July 12, 1999 1:35 PM

I am trying to walk through a spreadsheet column and do things based on values in the column. In other words. It's easy to find blank values, but how do I find non-blank values if the values are non-standard (i.e., anything can be in the cell)?

This is really finding the values you would find using the COUNTA() function.

Posted by George on July 22, 1999 8:05 PM

Glen - Two things come to mind:
1.)Auto Filter has a drop down box that will select all non blank cells

2.)The isblank argument might work for what you are trying to do.

Posted by Ivan Moala on July 28, 1999 1:37 AM

you have probably answered it as you say you can
easily find blank cells. If this is so then the other cells must be Non Blank. from there it is
a matter of setting the criteria for what you want
to evaluate using If Then and/or case select to do
the fuction of evaluating what it is you want.

hope this is of further assistance